The NanoRev System

Our NanoRev system is an artificial intelligence enabled, highly accurate, and portable next generational rapid diagnostic system that uses electrochemical biosensors to detect target bacterial or viral pathogens at trace levels in saliva, urine, or blood serum.



Biosensing will provide the foundation for next generation rapid diagnostic systems.  Screen printed electrodes are a low-cost, modular, and easy-to-use form factor for rapidly prototyping new diagnostic assays.

Electrochemical biosensors have advantages over current optical methods of diagnostic analysis that use fluorescent labels attached to bio-receptors that are qualitative-only and must be stored in cold chain methods.

Biosensors provide a label-free direct detection method and a quantitative result within a matter of minutes.  Additionally, new biosensor designs are allowing little to no sample preparation before analysis.

Biosensor Development

Foothold Labs has the bioengineering and manufacturing capability to develop custom biosensors for specific applications.  If you have developed a special biological recognition element or bioreceptor (peptide, aptamer, nucleotide) contact us for more information.